(IN)VISIBLE CITIES: Tales of African Communities in the World

International Preview

The documentary (IN)VISIBLE CITIES is the remarkable feat of a journalist and a filmmaker who have travelled in the five continents to portray from the inside the African Diaspora communities in 13 cities. Self-funded and only supported by migrants themeselves, (IN)VISIBLE CITIES  is unique in its genre and aims. Starting from the experience of Afro-Italian journalist Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua, it portrays African migrant communities and culture free of stereotypes, thorugh love stories, business achievement, identity issues. The result, very far from the stereotypical works of much traditional media, is a genuine journey inside the homes of singers, CEOs, activists, everyday people who work, live and love. (IN)VISIBLE CITIES includes stories of young and old, happy and troubled, comfortable and poor, who are demonstrating how the whole world can be our home.

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