AJ+ is the recently launched digital-only video news network that was birthed out of the Al Jazeera's innovation department. AJ+'s endeavor is to reimagine the news for a mobile-centric generation. Jigar Mehta, Engagement Lead at AJ+, will take a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities that social media platforms provide for content producers to have a one-on-one relationship with their audiences on established and emerging networks. Millions of people still get their news from broadcast TV, but there is a whole generation of digital natives who rely on social streams to stay informed about global current events. The future of engagement lies in creating custom content for social channels, not repurposing TV footage. Highlights will include discussions on how the AJ+ app is reinventing the concept of a news story, live coverage of the Mike Brown protests in Ferguson, and the role data analysis plays in growing digital communities from scratch.