Our society is evolving from an economy based on the product to an economy based on experience. What are the consequences for journalism? What does a transition from a product to an experience perspective mean for journalism and publishing?

It means moving the focus of attention

1. from production to content curation

2. from the item to the ecosystem, or from the entity to the relationship

3. from the static to the dynamic (including the time factor)

4. from the paper vs. web opposition to the integration between atoms and bits.

In all cases it means going beyond the news. Today, this is more than ever the goal of publishing and journalism. It means emphasizing the context, the set of relationships in which an item is inserted; ultimately it means building stories and streams and not mere "objects" that tomorrow will be already old. Story vs. news; experience vs. product. Story and experience mean an ecosystem of relationships, a set of content related to each other, construction of meaning - and in this perspective the context plays a crucial role. News architecture and user experience design - fields born recently in areas apparently far from that of journalism - provide conceptual and operational tools very important to 'experiencealize' the supply of content and editorial strategies.

Through examples and case studies, the workshop will provide guidelines and tools for publishing strategies oriented to the experience, not the product.