In the year of the Expo, which is also the year of decisions that should be taken on climate change, the project giornalisti Nell'erba embarks on new challenges. It has started  #gNeLab, a laboratory of new journalism for the young and very young. Traditional journalism is dying. In Italy, newspapers replicate on the web the old format which has no future. They are still struggling to use new languages that are making a fortune for more far-seeing foreign outlets. #gNeLab wants to experiment with new methods and tools to tell stories on the web and on social media.

The first laboratory test is to intercept news within a technical and analytical document which is difficult for the reader, such as a sustainability report of a large company (eg Carlsberg Italy) and make it interesting to the general public.

The second adventure will take the stage of the Italian Pavilion at Expo2015, where a team of young gNe reporters will go hunting for news on #greenicità, proposing a live, fresh and smart journalism.

Meanwhile, the national network of gNe teachers has made a concrete proposal to create Environmental Culture through the techniques of journalism, while the Ministries of Environment and Education are still considering the introduction of environmental education in schools, without having used, even once, the word "environment" in La Buona Scuola (The Good School) reform.

gNe goes #beyond also in other ways. For example, included in the project are young prisoners who are serving a life sentence.

Organised in association with giornalisti Nell’erba