The parallel and secret lives of millions of Italian men. What are marital and partner relationships becoming in Italy? Riccardo Iacona reveals the most unspeakable voice of Italian males. Fathers, seemingly upstanding husbands, caring boyfriends who regularly visit luxury escorts, street prostitutes and across the border brothels. Millions of customers. Men who would create false papers to sleep with a minor, without caring about risks, complaints, inspections. Finally, they speak about themselves, without filters, between news and direct testimony. From the case of the 'Parioli baby call girls' to other Lolitas that fill the courtrooms and many minors, boys and girls, met out of schools, for whom sex is now pure disposable commodities. An emergency that nobody cares about. Vanishing institutions, decimated counseling and social services. Emotional and sexual education have become taboos. It is better to remain silent and it is this silence that produces monsters.