Italy is a country where in order to open a blog it is necessary to obey a law dating from 1948, otherwise there is the risk of having to face a a criminal trial. We are a country where you cannot be a journalist if you do not have the membership card of the Association of Journalists, but in order to have it you need to be a journalist. We are a country where an administrative authority can close a website without a judge's verdict. We are a country where everything seems to suggest that "it's better if you keep quiet." Writing and disseminating news is deterred by the fear of prosecution, the threat of ruinous libel claims, the confusion of rules and bureaucracy. Gilioli and Scorza, taking as a starting point their latest book Meglio se taci, will unveil this situation through concrete and at times grotesque examples. Not just for the purposes of denunciation, but in order to create change. In the interest of democracy.