Newsrooms adapting to the digital era suddenly have a sometimes overwhelming array of new production processes and options. But they have new helpers too: tech startups focused on helping them discover, qualify, verify and distribute stories. Over the past five years, tools created by these startups have become part and parcel of digital newsrooms.

So how hard is it to build a startup for journalists and editors? This panel will explore the process of building new technology for newsrooms, with contributions from founders of several leading companies.

- Should you start a tech company focused on news?

- What is it like to work with newsrooms and media companies as businesses?

- Myths (do newsrooms pay? Can newsrooms build their own platforms?)

- How can you identify real opportunities and pain points?

- Biggest missed opportunities for newsrooms?

- Intrapreneurs vs entrepreneurs: what advice do founders have.

- How we outsiders view newsrooms (structure, decisions, speed, etc).

- How to improve newsroom and startup relations.