Today we live in a world based on data: information is key to cultural, economic and social processes. The growth of digital information and our increased ability to access it have triggered a change in our way of managing knowledge, for we are no longer just passively consuming information but are also actively creating, reusing and sharing it.

The session will examine the extent and the limits of the right to know in respect of public sector information, which consists of a gold mine of data. For this purpose the privileged objects of analysis will be the right of access to data of public administrations and the use of open government data. How wide is freedom of information towards institutions? What tools can we use to know government data? How can we use open data for articles, stories, surveys? These are some questions which we will try to provide a response to, by analysis of the legal possibilities that the current law allows with respect to public sector information.

Organized in association with the Department of Legal Informatics of the University of Milan.