Theopi Skarlatos and Paul Mason on the making of #ThisIsACoup, a four-part 2015 documentary series which examines life under austerity in Greece, the country’s confrontation with the EU, and the emotional turmoil accompanying political change. It is directed by Theopi Skarlatos and produced by Paul Mason for Field of Vision, the visual journalism film unit of The Intercept. Moderated by Leonardo Bianchi.

Paul Mason says of the documentary: "Whatever the beauty of the shots, however brilliantly constructed the narrative is, the mere fact of seeing behind the scenes in this government is such a head fuck. Because no other media have got it. Everybody who is Greek that’s seen rushes or excerpts from this, they tend to clutch at their throat and go, “Wow, I’ve never seen this. I’ve never seen the prime minister’s office. Who knew the chief of staff has a bust of Lenin on his desk?” It’s going to do their heads in, but after it does their heads in, I want them to say, “Well, what happened? What did we learn from that?”

The screening of #ThisIsACoup (total duration 64 minutes) will follow the talk with Theopi and Paul.