Screening of the documentary Torn, produced by the UNHCR and directed by Alessandro Gassmann.

"How do you keep alive your own ideas if you are deprived of your house, your country... of everything?" (Nour Shamma, artist, playwright, Syrian refugee). After five years of war, the Syrian crisis is the greatest tragedy of our era. Half of the population has been forced to flee, more than 7 million people are displaced within their own country, while there are 4 million refugees in neighboring countries. Among them Mohammad, Nour, Alaa, Rasha and many other artists who, despite the fact that a return to a peaceful Syria appears distant, show us that life does not stop while waiting to return. The protagonists of Torn, who met in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan and Beirut, refuse to be seen as victims and offer a new perspective on the resilience of an entire people. The film is a glimpse into the lives of those who, torn from their own land, cling to their roots, aware of the importance of preserving their identity and that of an entire nation through artistic expression.

To be followed at 15.00 by the session Art and journalism in time of war with Alessandro Gassman, Carlotta Sami, Alaa Arsheed and Patrick Kingsley.