A 360° view of social video stories & design thinking methods.

Combining the language and literacy of video storytelling with design thinking forms a powerful currency that can transform your newsroom, your storytelling and your business strategy.

This session features two themes:

Video: from MOJO to VR. A tour of 10 video story formats that can be produces with a mobile phone. Plus, a look at 360° video camera and 360 microphone options for storytellers at four different price points: From a £200 smartphone cam to the £200k system NatGeo uses for 360° Facebook Lives.

Innovation in the newsroom: why design methods are better than ‘brainstorming sessions’ for developing models for new products, services, story forms, and strategies. Design thinking processes are critical to developing a startup culture in your company. We will discuss the popular ones as well introduce as a new Design Method that can get be used for rapid prototyping and story planning.