They often say data journalism is a more objective kind of journalism. Is it really? Can it beat hate speech and fake news? Can it make a difference to the media presentation of migrants’ and refugees’ issues, for instance? We decided to test it so we brought together 60 young journalists, developers, designers and human rights activists for one week to Berlin. With the help of trainers, we taught them all the essential skills of data journalism and let them work in teams and produce data-driven stories about migration. Our partners were media outlets from 10 countries that published these stories. The project was organized by European Youth Press and was called #ddjcamp. The core funding was Erasmus+ grant provided by the German National Agency "Jugend in Aktion".

In this session we will share our experience of introducing innovative storytelling to young media-makers, guiding teams through the data pipeline in a week-long hackathon and facilitating international publications.

Watch a short video about #ddjcamp here.

Find the blog about daily life in the #ddjcamp, publications and training materials here.