In this session two open web innovators and thinkers will discuss the potential for news flows outside the silos, and how that can work to make the news industry and independent bloggers more free and able to innovate.


The web is the platform with no platform vendor. In the silos we only get the features that the tech industry owners let us have. That means on Facebook no linking, styles or attached podcasts. On Twitter, a 140-char limit. In neither environment do readers click on links. On Facebook there's an algorithm that controls what people see, and Twitter is moving in that direction.

News exists outside the silos, and the more news builds there, the more independence it will preserve. Also, by adding value to open publishing, we provide a path for the silos to pull in more features from the web, otherwise we're just going to keep getting pulled into their algorithms and advertising. News has different needs.

We will demo sites that illustrate these principles, and suggest ways news people and bloggers can participate. Discussion will be encouraged.