The narrative report can be considered the hybrid genre par excellence, a borderland where literature and journalism meet and where barriers between fiction and non-fiction fall down.

With the investigative novel Un viaggio che non promettiamo breve (Einaudi, 2016) (in translation, A journey that promises to be long), the author Wu Ming 1 has reconstructed 25 years of No Tav confrontation using a variety of styles, sources and narrative techniques in an amalgam that holds together trips in Val di Susa, interviews, stories about the present and the past, technical data and archival materials.

The cartoonist Zerocalcare with Kobane Calling (Bao Publishing, 2016) has brought us into his world of graphic journalism, his introspection, his personal references, using them all to recount a war and a revolution.

The journalist Leonardo Bianchi and VICE Italy, where he works, are carrying out an investigation into Internet parallel realities, Italian civil society and our urban and suburban centers, alternating on-the-ground reportage, long-form and short articles in which they try to reassemble the various fragments of news.

Among novels, comics and online reports, what are the new frontiers of contemporary narrative reportage? The three speakers will discuss this issue together.