The workshop is dedicated to big data, a phenomenon with complex implications, a strategic lever in the knowledge society. The analysis intends to examine the relationship between big data, information and knowledge, trying to understand the management, the evaluation and the authoritativeness of large data.

To this end, the workshop analyzes the characteristics, the technical aspects and the aims of big data, examining the value they play in the knowledge of the present and in the prediction of the future. The ethical-social implications will be assessed and the legal aspects will be examined, analyzing in depth the problems and risks related, in particular, to rights such as personal data protection and copyright, also in light of the international and European reference documents.

The workshop is dedicated to the significant impact of big data on the concepts of information and knowledge, leading to reflection on the present and on the future of humankind and democracy.

Organised in association with the Information Society Law Centre at the University of Milan.