What are the challenges in the world of data journalism today? What's already in place to try and overcome them? What new ways, solutions, collaborations could we come up with to further solve the problems faced by many data journalists, news developers, and editors in 2018?

We are gathering four international experts to tackle this topic, in this highly engaging session where the audience takes part in the discussion: Eva Constantaras (data journalist, Greece), Duncan Clark (co-founder of Kiln, UK), Pinar Dag (Kadir Has University, Turkey), Syed Nazakat (founder of DataLEADs, India), moderated by Marianne Bouchart (Data Journalism Awards manager, France).

Each speaker will pitch a specific mini-discussion each on a challenge of their choice (tackling subjects such as data visualisation, international collaborations, or the state of data journalism in developing countries). The goal is for us to discuss challenges in the world of data journalism today, not just in Europe or the US, but also in other regions of the world. Participants will get to hear about all four group discussions first, before they pick which one they want to take part in. We'll then divide the room in four and get going!

As a participant, you'll get to speak, exchange ideas with everyone on the topic you choose. At the end of the "unconference" session, we will all gather to try and formulate ways we could overcome those challenges. The outcome of this session will take the shape of a series of collaborative articles to be published shortly after the festival on Medium.

Note that this session will look nothing like your typical panel discussion. We call it an "unconference" because it will use the same principles and structure: the audience is as involved in the session as the speakers. We will start from four themes, and you will decide of the outcome. 

Organised in association with Global Editors Network.