2017 showed that the safety and well-being of women in journalism is at stake. The death of freelance journalist Kim Wall was more than another woman killed. It’s a reminder of women’s vulnerability. The story has been widely reported for its unique horror, but also because it taps into a fundamental reality for female journalists. Wall’s story not only shows how unprotected freelance journalist are, but also that women alone – even professionals doing their job – are still vulnerable to attack.

Besides, #metoo unravelled sexual abuse in newsrooms and in the journalism field. An avalanche of sexual harassment allegations has pockmarked the industry since.

It has been over a century that women journalists have worked without an ecosystem of support. Female journalists need to get together, since the problems they face should not be seen as individual cases, but as collective issues wherein female journalists need to cooperate.

Established in March 2017, the Coalition for Women in Journalism became the first global support network for women, with mentorship and advocacy at the heart of it. The Coalition is born out of the industry’s need of community, equality and mentorship. The Coalition for Women in Journalism fosters camaraderie between women journalists around the globe. The Coalition is independent, impartial and dedicated to a single, vital interest: the well-being of our colleagues.