The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) is a nonprofit investigative newsroom based in the San Francisco Bay area. Founded in 1977, we produce high impact investigations in the public interest for text/print, audio, video, and social media. In 2014, with our partners at PRX, we launched the weekly Reveal radio show and podcast, which features stories from CIR and other newsrooms around the world. CIR has pioneered strategies for measuring the impact of our stories, and we created the Impact Tracker tool that is now being used in over 45 newsrooms to help them track and measure real world changes inspired by their journalism.

We'll share CIR's framework for measuring change and creating a newsroom culture around impact. We'll demo the Impact Tracker tool and share how it's changing the way we tell our stories, how we distribute them, and communicate the value of our reporting to our audiences and supporters. At this interactive session, we will help participants articulate their own impact goals and identify strategies to measure and analyze change to inform editorial decision making.