Presentation of the  book La fine della ragione by Roberto Recchioni. Moderated by Luca Valtorta.

In a new Dark Age, in which the only knowledge is so-called popular wisdom, a mother tries to save her seriously ill daughter. To achieve this, she must reach the "Rifugio sotto al Sasso", a remote place where the last few enlightened outcasts had hidden to avoid death at the stake, reached only after a long and dramatic journey through a country now transformed into no-man's land. Populated by humanity in disarray that, between light and darkness, has chosen darkness. A graphic novel with the rigor of social denunciation and the strength of a post-apocalyptic Western, written and drawn by a master of Italian comics. Science has become a crime, true medicine has been banned. "They" have won. But a mother does not give up. Not yet.