Artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive justice and automated decision-making processes. The impact of algorithms on citizens' freedoms. Risks and possible solutions.

The public debate on AI has just begun. After half a century of intense research and development, technology has finally entered the market. From self-driving cars to curriculum evaluation systems, from moderation of online content to the predictive police, we live in a society that is increasingly managed and controlled by automated decision-making systems to which we are progressively delegating the management of society. The debate on AI is, however, distorted by dystopian visions, from pessimists who fear that artificial intelligence can destroy jobs and feed prejudices and inequality to optimists who consider such software the only way to solve many problems of society, finally freeing humankind from the toil of manual labor. Not surprisingly, AI is one of the primary causes of public concern. But how are things really? What are the risks of using automated decision systems? And what are the solutions proposed and in preparation?