How can a freelance journalist use mobile journalism to win work and tell stories? What are the benefits for reporters to developing this style? Including demos, discussions and case studies of journalists who have benefitted by learning Mojo.

Robb’s  take: How young journalists are building mobile reporting portfolios to distinguish themselves. (To kick off with how 12 French students covered the 2018 Journalism Festival with mobile reporting and another example from Scandanvia.) A case study of a German crisis reporter who has been using Mojo for years. How Mojo teams in newsrooms are being organized.

What fascinates us is Mojo’s potential for empowering careers; 80% of journalists are freelance in Italy.

Francesco’s take: A vision for the future: becoming a brand, creating a community, going in business as a “to go journalist” with new instruments like micro-crowdfunding platform New places (virtual or real) to do journalism: new products and new services to purpose on the market of media, companies and professional. For a good marketing, a good storytelling or an impressive newsmaking you need a Mojo. Even if you’re (or go) live. Principles of ethics in a Mojo world, case studies and best practises in the world of news explaining new kind of Mojo business or new ways (in Mojo) to do classic business.