Reporters working on national security or with sensitive government sources obviously need to keep hackers out of their online accounts. But in reality, all journalists, including sports, tech, fashion, climate and any other beat should take their digital security seriously. Hackers often don't care who you are, only what you may have access to or whether you're vulnerable.

Using his direct relationship with sources in the criminal underworld, Joseph will provide insight on what motivates different types of hackers, how they choose targets, and what that means for all journalists. Opportunists, targeted attackers, and those looking to tarnish a media outlet's reputation all operate in different ways.

The session will include live demos of how hackers often carry out their attacks, from digging up your old, exposed password, to stealing your current one. The good news is that there are several simple things journalists can do to lock down their online accounts, while not massively impacting their work flow. This session will also include those concrete tips.