Significant attention and airtime is given to troubles facing traditional news organizations -- the almost daily layoffs, downsizing, and course corrections. Conversely, relatively little attention is given to the upsizing that is happening around the globe in the form of news-producing startups that are growing at a substantial pace.

We believe that more coverage and analysis of digital news startups might help us to better understand how the information needs of citizens will be met in the future, and to recognize that established newsrooms are only one part of the solution to the democratic challenges ahead.

We invite people engaged in the work of supporting digitally-native, independent news startups -- those teaching entrepreneurial journalism, academics, reporters on this beat, as well as funders and founders -- to join a conversation about:

> Similarities that news startups share across global regions

> The useful information track about these startups, and how might you use that information in your work

> How we work together to grow this movement, as teachers, researchers, consultants, service providers, reporters, funders and founders

Each panelist will open by sharing a few examples of different news startups in their region, and what makes them interesting or unique. Then we’ll invite you into the conversation to explore the questions outlined above and exploring the opportunity to create a global map of this work together.