Join Robb Montgomery for a photo walk through Perugia and discover firsthand how to start using your smartphone to find, capture and share pictures that tell stories. We will meet (regardless of weather) in the lobby of the Hotel Brufani and set off on a dawn photo expedition after a short briefing. Along the tour, special topics and techniques will be shared in impromptu demonstrations as they unfold before the group. Bring comfortable walking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, and a fully-charged smartphone.

The purpose of this photo walk is to produce an immersive experience that can help reporters make photos and video clips that can tell a story. The session start time of 06.00 is not arbitrary. During the festival dates, 06.00 in Perugia is about 40 minutes before sunrise. It will be pre-dawn light at this time and the town will be magical as the light appears. Please note that this session will take place even if the weather is foul; sometimes the photos are better!

The session will be limited to 20 people. To take part you will need to fill out this form. We will contact you the day before, in order to confirm your participation.