Making newsrooms sustainable is a challenge for everyone in the media today. No matter how brilliant one’s journalism, it won’t be sustainable unless it’s backed by a business plan that takes into account revenue, audience, distribution and more.

This workshop is for nonprofits, start-ups, and new media on the business practices and revenue models underlying successful investigative journalism enterprises. What are the keys to a successful investigative newsroom?  How can such organisations diversify revenue, especially in regions with repressive governments, poor ad markets, and struggling economies? What innovative practices will provide a strong base and financial structure to do important investigative journalism? We’ll look at practical ways of generating revenue from different sources: audiences, donors, events, membership and commercial opportunities.

This workshop will bring together global experts and investigative journalism organisations to discuss best practices on increasing revenue in smart, sustainable ways. It will also give those attending the opportunity to share their own experiences and raise questions.

Organised in association with the Global Investigative Journalism Network.