What's your podcast strategy? How publishers and independent creators are navigating media's fastest growing ecosystem.

The current podcast industry had its big bang moment in 2014, the year that Serial launched, Apple made its podcast app a default on millions of phones, and audiences starting forming new habits listening to spoken word and narrative audio journalism.

Now 5 years into a new golden age of audio, the stakes have gotten higher, major platforms from Spotify to Google have joined the fray, advertisers are flocking, Hollywood has taken interest, and the influx of new podcasts has tripled to the tune of 30,000 new shows debuting per month. The latest research shows that 32% of Americans now listen monthly, with a 33% surge among young people (age 12-24) from 30% listening monthly to 40%.

For both legacy and digital publishers, journalists, and independent creators this rapid growth offers new revenue and audience engagement opportunities and the potential for sustainable business models that are otherwise scarce in the media sector.

Jake Shapiro is an early innovator who has helped shape the podcast and public radio industries, and will present and lead a discussion on the latest trends, developments and successful strategies in the US podcast industry.