The News Impact Network cookbook - 15 tasty pan-European recipes to become master chefs in leadership, newsroom transformation, and community engagement processes (and, last but not least, friends).

The News Impact Network was created under the auspices of the European Journalism Centre. It is a cohort of 15 journalism leaders from around Europe who came together at the 2018 International Journalism Festival. The pan-European project, the first of its kind, was formed to look at ways of making journalism more sustainable in an ever-changing landscape. The group was a diverse mixture of people who came from legacy organisations and startups, or who worked as freelances and consultants. Each of us had individual projects on leadership, engagement, funding, news transformation and more – but we also looked at larger issues impacting on the news industry. Uniquely, we were able to bring insights and learnings from our own countries and share them with colleagues.

The experience was challenging but incredible fun and we are now publishing the results (recipes) of our personal challenges in a ‘cookbook’. The network has variously won us jobs, inspired us to write research papers and taught us how to be leaders. It will continue long beyond the official end of this project. We have moved from being colleagues and partners to friends. But perhaps the real impact will not be felt for years. As a group, we have become greater than the sum of our parts. We would like to share our learnings with an audience at IJF 2019.