In this panel, Hostwriter, an open network that helps journalists to easily collaborate across borders, will discuss the importance of bringing different voices to the table in a panel of global journalists focusing on the issue of unconscious bias and lack of diversity in today’s media. With almost 4,000 members in 135+ countries, Hostwriter sees first-hand the value of diversity in the field of journalism. However, the modern face of journalism does not reflect this. White, male, western voices still dominate and are often privileged over others, which means that we are not getting the whole story, or the most accurate one.

Our panel of experienced speakers come to the field of journalism from different backgrounds and have seen first-hand how bias, discrimination, and “the view from nowhere” can shape news coverage for the worse. They'll discuss their insights into the problem and the solutions for creating a journalism that truly reflects society.

Questions to be considered: 1) What visible and invisible barriers exist to prevent the field of journalism from being more diverse? 2) What experiences have our panelists had that have shed light on discrimination and stereotyping in journalism? 3) What is "the view from nowhere" and how do journalism schools/ programs reinforce a flawed concept of neutrality? 4) What is "parachute journalism" and how do migration laws impact cross-border journalism? 5) What steps must be taken to make journalism a truly inclusive, representative field that holds a mirror up to society?

Organised in association with Hostwriter.