In this workshop, journalists will learn how to detect, document, and debunk media manipulation and disinformation campaigns using the methods of investigative ethnography. Participants will analyze a case study where media manipulators sought to sway public opinion and media agendas by gaming socio-technical systems. Together, we will map the lifecycle of a media manipulation campaign from its (1) initial phase of ideation and discussion, (2) to seeding the campaign across social web and platforms, (3) to challenges by journalists, platform companies, activists and regulators, (4) to observable changes in the media ecosystem, and finally (5) adaptations by media manipulators to the new environment.

The goal of the workshop is to build skillsets by equipping journalists with theory and methods to analyze information ecosystems, where different groups manipulate communication systems for a range of reasons including fun, profit, and political advantage.

Organised in association with MisinfoCon.