From the United States to the Marshall Islands to Pakistan and the Philippines, countries around the world are experiencing rising rates of floods, heatwaves and natural disasters. Climate change is a global crisis that calls for trans-boundary news coverage. The need to document global trends, piece together global data and underline global accountability is urgent, and not yet fully achieved. Foreign bureaus, travel budgets, data tools, investigative desks, and other newsroom resources that are critical to the global visibility of the impacts of climate, are declining.

How can newsrooms use open-source technology and data, and innovative workflow designs to specifically optimize climate coverage? As governments around the world deny, attack, and fail to act on evidence of climate change, the onus falls on newsrooms, many with precarious financial resources, to tackle a global problem that is unprecedented in its need for holistic, cross-border coverage. Solutions outside existing news models may be necessary to take on this challenge. In this panel, journalists who work on globalizing the news industry through technology and open-source data-sharing techniques will talk together about what innovation could look like to enhance and streamline the specific needs of climate reporting.

Organised in association with Meedan.