Artificial intelligence in journalism is no longer an imagined future -- newsrooms around the globe (mostly large) are using automation, algorithms and machine learning to break news, improve production efficiencies and personalize content delivery to consumers. Yet these innovations have largely bypassed small (often local) newsrooms. And even newsrooms using these tools are likely to say they don't really have an "AI strategy."

In this workshop, co-leaders walk through the steps needed to create your own AI playbook. What's it good for? Build your own tools or buy them? Training and skills required? How do you measure success?

The workshop leaders represent different ends of the spectrum. Lisa Gibbs leads AI efforts in the newsroom of The Associated Press, where automation has achieved large-scale production efficiencies. John Keefe is the investigative editor at Quartz and runs the Quartz AI Studio, which creates "artisanal AI" that employs machine learning for individual stories.

Participants will leave the session with a better understanding of the framework for incorporating AI into their newsroom, and practical materials that aid in jumpstarting those efforts.