Every news media, large or small, legacy or startup, big budget or small, struggles with the question of "what do we do next"? and "what do we do that's new"? There is pressure to innovate, to create new products and shiny new formats and innovative strategies to reach new audiences, or better engage existing ones, or earn more revenue. But we all have limited resources. How do we figure out how to prioritize? What are the most important objectives? What is the best way to allocate scarce editorial and technology resources? What's the best way to figure out how to even answer these questions?

In this panel we'll talk to newsroom leaders whose job it is to do just that - answer those big strategic and editorial questions every day, but from four very diverse news media perspectives: a national public radio and broadcaster, a subscription daily news media, a live events company, and a free daily news media. How does each of these different formats and business models figure it all out?