As founders of Splice, we’ve been so fortunate to work with some amazing media startup founders in Asia.

In our work, we profile, train, and fund the individuals in this space. We study the problems they’re solving for their communities, their plans for 2022, and how the wider media community can help them. At IJF22, we’re excited to showcase the wonderful work by Anu and Tanmoy, two media creators whose work for their communities we deeply admire.

Anu Harchu is a financial education and healthcare media creator in Mongolia who addresses her audiences on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. She pivoted from broadcast (Bloomberg TV Mongolia) and publishing (Forbes Mongolia), where she was the host and editor-at-large for daily financial news coverage.

Tanmoy Goswami is an independent mental health journalist in India, and the founder of Sanity by Tanmoy, India's first independent platform dedicated to the politics, economics, and culture of mental health.

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