This interactive presentation showcases the work of public interest journalism across the globe around critical beat reporting such as the environment, climate change, labor markets, gender issues, corruption, and inclusive economies. Specific examples of successes among newsroom partners and reporters supported by Report for the World, the International Press Institute and Context of the Thomson Reuters Foundation will be presented, to illustrate how they are creating communities, accountability, and sustainability around some of the most pressing issues of our time. The program heads of each organisation will discuss how they are working at fostering these local-global connections in journalism, while creating dedicated beats and global cohorts.

The speakers will engage the work of newsroom partners and local journalists through specific case studies to provide glimpses of how local public interest journalism outlets are gaining credibility, audiences, and dedicated communities around their beats. Where applicable, the participating newsrooms will speak about investigations around which they are creating communities - climate change, criminal justice, gender, corruption, healthcare, education, conflict etc. The presentation will follow a multimedia format, interspersing the views of the speakers with video stories and recorded testimonials from the field.

Organised in association with Report for the WorldThe International Press Institute and Context.