A hands-on workshop with a detailed case study of an investigation in Brazil. Using high-resolution satellite images and data on deforestation and land properties, journalist Fernanda Wenzel has published reports showing the step-by-step process of land grabbing. The project is the series Ladrões de Floresta (Forest Thieves), published by The Intercept Brasil in partnership with Rainforest Investigations Network (RIN), in which the journalist overlays several layers of information such as deforestation data, land ownership and records of environmental crimes by Brazilian authorities. The results of this investigation are beneficial for journalists working on environmental investigations worldwide. The audience will preferably be journalists interested in geospatial analysis and applying it to environmental degradation and climate change projects.

This activity is based on the methodology used by Fellows of RIN. The network, created by the Pulitzer Center, has been working for about three years with journalists from countries in the Amazon, the Congo basin, and Southeast Asia.

Organised in association with Rainforest Investigations Network.

Attendees of this workshop should bring their laptops and have installed the software QGIS. Here is the link for download. If you have any doubts, please write to gfaleiros@pulitzercenter.org.