Beyond its traditional impact around holding power to account, journalism -- and the processes a journalist takes to find and frame a story -- has an impact on the communities covered in the story, the audiences consuming the story, and the newsrooms, journalists, and journalism students delivering the story. If a story focuses exclusively on a community’s problems and does not also investigate the community’s responses, it could lead both audiences and journalists to perpetuate harmful narratives, endorse regional stereotypes, and spread an inaccurate, imbalanced view of the world.

This panel discussion aims to explore the impact of solutions journalism on inclusion and equity, by highlighting its power to rebalance the news and highlight the agency of communities covered. In following the “impact journeys” that students, journalists, and sources themselves have had with respect to doing or consuming a solutions story, these case studies will illustrate the positive effects solutions journalism has on its makers and its recipients, and help collectively to build a more inclusive and equitable world.

Organised in association with Solutions Journalism Network.