Journalism is constantly looking for new ways of storytelling, experimenting with technology. At the same time, artists too are trying to find new ways to attract an audience. And as different narratives are created, misinformation spreads and audiences trust media less; culture steps in, burying those thin lines between truth and reality.

In recent years we have increasingly seen this inspiration in the form of performance journalism and illustrative journalism, but now we also see artists experimenting more and more often with current affairs and putting them on stage. For example, in Poland a gay marriage scene forms part of a theatre play. People come to take part in it. For some it’s the truth, for some it’s just fiction. The line here is open to interpretation.

Through this session we want to explore how different artists and journalists are thinking about the truth, how they create stories, theatre plays, comics, animations. Where inspiration ends, does truth begin or end? Moderated by Anna Górnicka.

Organised in association with Outriders.