For years now the China "story" has been one of the most important beats to cover. But as China's role on the world stage has grown, so too have the challenges of covering the country. The very real dangers of being a journalist in China are known, but less talked about are the trials of reporting on China from afar. Today, those who want to expose nefarious tactics of the Chinese government overseas find themselves increasingly exposed, sometimes dangerously so. They want to tell the truth but how can they when they risk being hacked or the subject of a smear campaign? At the same time, how can they ensure they tell the whole truth and not just a side that either Beijing wants to see, or conversely, one feeding into Western audiences hungry for another "bad China story"?

The panel participants will illuminate the challenges of reporting on the country and discuss how journalists can navigate this space moving forward. While directly addressing China, the implications of the discussion will be important for anyone with an interest in covering international affairs.

Moderated by Jemimah Steinfeld.