We witnessed the deadliest war on Gaza in the last quarter of 2023. Today, the enclave is in rubbles and the death toll unimaginable. Journalism has been one the deadliest professions, with more journalists killed in Gaza than in any other single conflict in the last 30 years. With the tight siege on the Gaza Strip, a siege that has preceded the war but which was hardened during the Israeli military operations in Gaza, only Palestinian journalists on the ground could carry the every day record of this historic moment to the world. They witnessed, brought images and words that depict to the world the daily loss of their own home.

The panel is an attempt to focus on Palestinians telling their own story about the atrocities as they unfolded and more broadly, what does it mean to cover your own war? How did Palestinian journalists experience the war as it progressed? How did they engage their Palestinian, Arab and international audiences? But also how have Palestinian voices been shadow banned by big tech? How did Palestinian journalists cope with the convoluted roles they have been given in the midst of this war: journalists, human rights defenders, etc...? What has been the cost of this work for them? What are the current needs for journalists inside Gaza? Moderated by Lina Attalah, co-founder Mada Masr.

Organised in association with International Media Support.