In an era marked by escalating assaults on press freedom, many journalists are being forced into exile to escape imprisonment, violence and death for simply reporting facts. But being far does not always mean being safe, as the tentacles of authoritarian regimes and shady interests reach beyond borders, and loved ones back home may suffer acts of reprisal.

In this discussion, journalists from Eritrea, Myanmar, Russia and South Sudan will share their journeys into exile and their insights on keeping safe, staying sane and reporting accurately in the most trying of circumstances. The panel, moderated by Fondation Hirondelle (a Swiss NGO which supports and creates media in crisis-affected countries), will also explore how the international community can better help those brave journalists who will not allow their voices to be silenced.

Organised in association with Fondation Hirondelle.

At the request of at least one of the speakers, this session will not be live-streamed and the video will not be placed online.   

Interviews in Perugia with three of the session speakers can be seen here.