The evidence is clear. We see rising levels of news avoidance and news fatigue in most countries and a disconnect between the agenda and formats provided by news publishers and what audiences say they prefer. But how to close that gap in a way that engages hard to reach audiences but remains true to journalistic values?

In this session, Ellen Heinrichs founder and CEO of the Bonn Institute for Journalism and Constructive Dialogue and Nic Newman Senior Research Associate at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism share best practice examples from around the world based on research that points to what might make a difference. In a relaxed but fast-moving discussion, they will each share favourite examples (articles, newsletters, videos and podcasts) and explain why they have chosen them.

Ellen and Nic will relate examples to seven wider research themes showing what audiences respond to:

Simpler explanation of complex stories (help make me smart)

Powerful and relatable human stories (inspiration)

Positive or uplifting news (hope)

News presented by more diverse teams (representation)

News that doesn’t just point out the problems (constructive)

More engaging digital storytelling (new formats)

Listening exercises (deeper engagement)

Where possible, they will try to weave in evidence or data which shows how these were effective. Attendees should leave inspired with practical ways to address one of the biggest issues faced by publishers.