Though the science of climate change is well understood, and has been broadly accepted for more than thirty years, the problem is still growing - with increasingly dire consequences for the planet. As was finally recognized by COP28, there is growing acceptance that if we don’t stop burning fossil fuels, global warming will get worse. GIJN recently published The Investigative Agenda for Climate Change Journalism on the accountability agenda for climate change journalism. One of the recommendations, discussed by more than 80 leading climate change journalists and experts at a day-long workshop, is the need for sustained investigation and coverage of the global fossil fuel industry which is fighting to preserve its privileged status and its profits.

In this panel, leading climate change journalists and experts will share strategies, tips and tools for investigating the fossil fuel ecosystem, including its strategies for survival, the latest uses of political and economic influence, the new faces of greenwashing and climate denial, and more.

Organised in association with Global Investigative Journalism Network.