Ellen Schuster

head of digital programming DW

Ellen Schuster is Head of Digital Programming at DW, Germany's international broadcaster. As an internal adviser, she works closely with DW's Director of Programming. DW is distributing its 30 language programmes via TV, Online, Social and Radio.

Ellen has been working as a journalist ever since she went to High School. She started her career as a freelancer for a for one of the leading German regional newspapers in western Germany, Rheinische Post. After that she spread her wings and worked for UNHCR and the press departments of other international organizations until she joined DW in 2001. As a radio and online reporter, she worked for the economics department until she started to work for DW's Academy which is DW's hub for international media development and training. Since 2014 Ellen has focussed an digital transformation, new technologies and trends in journalism.

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