Farah Barqawi

journalist and author

Farah Barqawi is a Palestinian writer, performer, translator, and editor who was born in the Yarmuk Camp, Damascus, and currently lives in Cairo, Egypt. She coordinates and edits the Wiki Gender project; a participatory feminist open Wiki in the field of gender, feminism, and women’s issues in Arabic. She was one of the co-founders of the The uprising of the women in the Arab World; a free secular platform that campaigns for women's rights in the Arab countries. Farah writes poetry, prose, and articles in Arabic, and her pieces can be found on her blog Bainy w Bainak (Between you and me), and online platforms like Romman, Mada Masr, and Jeem. In addition, she has recently published in print editions such as Closet Writers (Ikhtyar), If Not for that Wall (Contemporary Image Collective) and And We Chose Everything (Turning Point Books).

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