Fatima Faizi

The New York Times Afghanistan (via Skype)

Fatima Faizi is a journalist with The New York Times based in Kabul, Afghanistan. She has been covering stories as a reporter in the country for the past four years. She focuses on human interest stories, politics and the changing face of military and militancy situation in Afghanistan. She has a degree in political science from the Ibensina University in Kabul, a diploma in photojournalism and is in the process of doing her graduate studies in war and conflict journalism. During her years of experience as a journalist in Afghanistan she has reported for USAToday, Al Jazeera, Zoomin TV, and Equality organization based in Kabul. Fatima loves journalism and wants to tell the stories of people who are silenced mainly by the government and by the conflict in the country. She is determined to fight for the rights of female journalists in Afghanistan and around the world and wants to make sure that injustice is exposed through her work. She loves writing poems and taking pictures.

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