Heidi Blake

global investigations editor BuzzFeed News

Heidi Blake is the Global Investigations Editor at BuzzFeed News, running a multi-award winning team of more than 20 journalists whose work has freed the wrongly accused from prison; forced public inquiries into corruption, cover-up, and the exploitation of vulnerable people; prompted law enforcement to re-open cold cases; and sparked the arrests and prosecutions of people whose proximity to power had long made them seem untouchable. Blake has investigated and exposed some of the world’s most powerful organisations, governments and individuals – winning more than twenty national and international media awards for stories that made global headlines and achieved major real-world impact. She recently led a transatlantic investigation – named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize – that uncovered explosive evidence of a string of Kremlin-linked assassinations on British and American soil which the authorities had long ignored, sparking a political firestorm and forcing the UK government to reopen 14 closed cases. She is the author of From Russia With Blood, to be published in 2019, and The Ugly Game: The Quatari Plot to Buy the World Cup, based on a leaked cache of hundreds of millions of documents from inside world football which helped bring down Sepp Blatter.

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