YouFestival: become an #ijf24 speaker

Would you like to participate as a speaker in #ijf24? If so, kindly send in your proposal using the form below. The deadline for receipt of proposals is 31 December 2023. If your proposal is accepted, you will receive a reply from by the close of Wednesday 10 January 2024. Please note that due to the high number of proposals received we are unable to reply to those whose proposal has not been accepted.

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Your proposal can be for one of the following formats: panel discussion, presentation, workshop, interview, other. Please include in your proposal the title, a brief description and the speaker(s). Please make only one proposal per form. If you wish to make more than one proposal, use a different form for each proposal.
> For a panel discussion the standard number of speakers is 3 plus moderator (please indicate the 3 speakers and the moderator in your proposal). The standard duration of a panel discussion is 50 minutes.
> For a presentation or workshop the standard number of speakers is 1 or 2 (no moderator is necessary). The duration of a presentation or a workshop is flexible.
> For an interview the standard set-up is one interviewer and one interviewee. The duration of an interview is flexible.

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