#ijf14 crowdfunding: 288 donors in a week

(Harper Reed in the Sala dei Notari ijf13 – photo by Chiara Di Giorgi)

The 2014 festival crowdfunding campaign was launched on Saturday 02 November. The stated objective was €100,000 in a 90-day period. One week on, it’s time for an initial assessment.

At the time of writing, the key figures are as follows:

> number of donors: 288

> number of gold donors: 8

> total donations: €18,770

So far, so good. We thank all donors for their support.

International donors include the following:

Gregor Aisch

Douglas Arellanes

David Bauer

Charlie Beckett

Emily Bell

Wolfgang Blau

Louise Bolotin

Steve Buttry

Dan Gillmor

Garrett Goodman

Sylke Gruhnwald

Janet Gunter

Emma Heald

Sebastian Horn

Jeff Israely

Steffen Konrath

Valery Levchenko

Mirko Lorenz

Lorenz Matzat

Justin Peters

Aron Pilhofer

Marc Polednik

Craig Silverman

Florian Steglich

Claire Wardle

Josh Young