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From Melbourne, Australia to Perugia, Italy

Newsmodo, a dynamic new web-based platform, has decided to circumnavigate the planet to make a presentation at the International Journalism Festival. Newsmodo founder Rakhal Ebeli will speak at 15.30 on Thursday 25 April in the Hotel Brufani. The objective? To outline to a slice of the thousands of opinion-leaders, influencers and journalists present at the festival just what Newsmodo can offer.

So what is Newsmodo?

Developed by journalists for industry professionals, Newsmodo revolutionises the way media organisations cover events around the world. It is a web-based platform that connects media organisations with a fast-growing global network of freelance contributors including journalists, photographers, camera operators and other media professionals.

The platform facilitates the secure sale of images, video and written stories as well as the distribution of assignments set by media looking for newsworthy content around the world. Newsmodo empowers contributors to submit any media content that tells their story, set a price and then sell it to buyers from print, TV and digital publications via a secure online marketplace.

Endorsed by the International Association of Press Photographers, the Asia Journalist Association, the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance and other peak industry groups, Newsmodo is one of the fastest growing networks of journalists, photographers, and other media professionals on the planet.

About Newsmodo

Newsmodo was founded by Australian journalist Rakhal Ebeli, who, through more than a decade’s experience as a television reporter, identified the need to connect newsrooms with the exploding market of freelance professionals.

The team has grown quickly, with representatives now in Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia. Like the platform, the Newsmodo team is agile and innovative, embracing change while adhering to the journalists’ code of ethics. Sharing the values of traditional news providers like truth, integrity, quality and being first on the scene makes Newsmodo a leader in an exciting era for the industry.

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