Reporting on extremist rhetoric: how media cover the politics of the extreme

The media has been criticised by some who say that extremist and racist rhetoric has made its way into mainstream media and even into public broadcasters. How do media in Italy and in other European countries treat such rhetoric, and is it unquestioningly allowed into the mainstream? Who do media engage when addressing extremist rhetoric, and how do media portray extremist speakers and the subjects of such rhetoric? Do media in other European countries do a better job of covering the topic than Italian media?

11.30 sunday 17 april

Alexandra Föderl-Schmid editor-in-chief Der Standard
Anthony Mills press freedom and communications manager International Press Institute
Beppe Severgnini Corriere della Sera
Galina Sidorova independent investigative journalist, former editor-in-chief Sovershenno Secretno
Ferai Tinç columnist Hürriyet

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